GEC Academy

Complutense International Foundation Diploma​

Complutense International Foundation Diploma provides students with a high school diploma with language and academic skills training, which is necessary for undergraduate study in Spain. The program aims to help students acquire and improve their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, assist students in adapting to the Spanish university system in advance and prepare for their undergraduate study in social sciences or humanities.

Foundation Undergraduate Program

The Foundation undergraduate scholarship program at the Complutense University of Madrid is a program with 120 places in the first round of Complutense University undergraduate admissions.

  • Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences: Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Faculty of Political and Social Sciences: social and cultural anthropology, political science, occupational therapy, international relations, sociology
  • Faculty of Trade and Tourism: Tourism, Trade

Foundation Master Program

Foundation Master scholarship program at the Complutense University of Madrid, every year, only outstanding international students are offered a reserved vacancy in a Masters degree program and a high level of scholarship.

  • Faculty of Fine Arts: Artistic and Creative Studies, Cultural Heritage Conservation and Arts Education for Social and Cultural Institutions.
  • Faculty of Literature: Teaching Spanish as a Second Language, Spanish Studies, Spanish Literature and Latin American Literature

Postgraduate Study

Master Program IOT

The university-specified Master in IoT and Data Analysis provides training in the most relevant
aspects of the Internet of Things field:

– Programming of sensor devices
– Technologies and network protocols of IOT
– Management and processing of massive data
– Artificial intelligence for IOT and hardware acceleration of AI algorithms
– Security in IOT devices

Master Marketing Management UCM

The Master in Marketing Management” aims to train professionals prepared to assume positions of maximum responsibility in global companies from Marketing Management. Professionals who are capable of proactively facing the new challenges that the growing complexity of the market entails. Furthermore, adapting to change through decision-making and efficient resolution of the situations they have faced.

Master Program
International Trade UCM

The university-specified Master Degree in International Trade aims for students to acquire comprehensive and transversal training focused on the process of internationalisation of the economy to facilitate the management of activities in a global context.

Program Education UCM

This Master is designed to offer quality training for teachers or future teaching professionals to adapt to the educational reality of the 21st century, defined in terms of Revolution 4.0 and the VUCA environment (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).

Program ELE

It is committed to training Spanish language professionals with a high level of foreign language and culture for higher education institutions at home and abroad and to training translators for various foreign-related industries and the tourism industry.

Master IT
Management Online

IT management ensures that all technology resources and associated employees are used correctly and in a way that provides value for an organization. 

Master Marketing Management. Strategic Offline Marketing and Digital UCM

The Own Master in “Marketing Management. Strategic Offline Marketing and Digital” aims to train professionals prepared to perform with due diligence in global companies from the Management of Marketing.

Master in Leadership and Team Management UAH

The Master will work from a practical and very dynamic point of view, on the latest techniques of leadership and team development so that students incorporate the necessary knowledge and skills to self-lead and lead others in order to achieve their commitment and participation in the strategic business objectives.

Master of Continuing Education in Educational Management

The MASTER OF CONTINUING EDUCATION IN EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION MANAGEMENT will train teaching professionals to enhance their professional performance. And to be able to adapt their teaching and research performance to the requirements of quality education as set out in Sustainable Development Goal 4, “Education”, as defined by the United Nations.

High School Program​

GEC works with three top high schools in Spain and offers foundation courses in appropriate languages and pre-university courses for international students.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Education regulations, the minimum age for international students to study in Spain is 16, and the minimum education background is the completeness of the first year of high school. Afterwards, international students can apply to join the 1+2 program to continue their high school courses in one of the best private high schools in Spain. After graduation, they can participate in the university entrance assessment and apply for further studies at one of the universities in Spain.

Exchange Program

GEC works with the top public and private universities in Spain and offers qualified services for those who want to have an exchange study or academic visit in Spain.

After successfully launching the programs in China, GEC has established a long-term and stable partnership with more than 40 universities and 30 high schools. In addition, GEC has also developed customised and international programs for universities and institutions in China and Spain.

Over the years, we have established solid partnerships with many Spanish universities and facilitated a special agreement authorized by the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of A Coruña.

Exchange Program
in UCM

There are many universities in Madrid, many of which hold an excellent international reputation and rank high in global rankings. Studying in Madrid will give you a quality education that puts you on the path to establishing a thriving local and international career.

Exchange Program
in UDC

Suppose you plan to apply to the University of A Coruña as an incoming exchange student. In that case, you must first contact the International Relations coordinator at your home university to discuss your plans with them. 

Exchange Program
in UMA

Suppose you plan to apply to the University of Málaga as an incoming exchange student. In that case, you must first contact the International Relations coordinator at your home university to discuss your plans with them.

Exchange Program

It aimed to provide the Universidad de Salamanca with a practical tool to offer foreigners Spanish Language Courses, spread Spanish worldwide, and assess language knowledge.