GEC Academy

Complutense International Foundation Diploma​

Complutense International Foundation Diploma provides students with a high school diploma an opportunity to obtain the necessary language and academic skills in order to pursue undergraduate study in Spain. The program aims to help students acquire and improve their general knowledge of Spain and the Spanish language. We also assist students with the Spanish university system to prepare them for their future undergraduate life.

Foundation Undergraduate Program

Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Program is based at Complutense University. During the first round of admission to Complutense University undergraduate programs, 120 places will be reserved for our students.

  • Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences: Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Faculty of Political and Social Sciences: Social and cultural anthropology, Political science, Occupational therapy, International relations, Sociology
  • Faculty of Trade and Tourism: Tourism, Trade

Foundation Master Program

Foundation Master Scholarship Program is based at Complutense University. Every year, only outstanding international students are offered a reserved place in a Masters degree program and a remarkable scholarship.

  • Faculty of Fine Arts:
    Artistic and Creative Studies, Cultural Heritage Conservation and Arts Education for Social and Cultural Institutions.
  • Faculty of Literature:
    Teaching Spanish as a Second Language, Spanish Studies, Spanish Literature and Latin American Literature.

Master Program​

With years of experience in the field, GEC has tailored several Masters programs (including Official Masters and Permanent Formations) in consideration of the competitive character of contemporary society and the future job market demand. On the one hand, it suits the demand of the current job market, so that students can find their ideal job faster and more targeted. On the other hand, it helps students to better plan their career prospects and to prepare for possible emerging careers in the future.

Besides, we have launched online courses at the same time, taking into account the real needs of students in all aspects, so that students can study directly the current popular courses in Europe without leaving their own homes. Moreover, our online courses provide Chinese subtitles to help students break the language barrier and understand all the key points of the course. The online courses not only provide students with a high-quality learning platform, but also dispel any worries they may have about changing life completely in a foreign country.

The most important thing is that, for students who want to study in Spain, theres not only Master’s program in Spanish, but also certain Master’s programs in English. This advantage eliminates the fundamental concern of students: they dont have to learn a new language. GEC offers students a one-stop service to apply for a Master’s program in Spain, which is designed to break the established framework and provide you with more options and opportunities.

We are waiting for you in Spain.

High School Program​

GEC works with three top high schools in Spain and offers foundation courses in appropriate languages and pre-university courses for international students.

The minimum education background to participate in the High School Program is to complete the first year of high school.
Afterward, international students can apply to join the 1+2 program to continue their high school courses in one of the best private high schools in Spain. After graduation, they can participate in the university entrance assessment and apply for further studies in Spanish universities.

Exchange Programs

GEC works with top public and private universities in Spain and has also developed customised and internationalised programs for universities and institutions in China and Spain. We provide a qualified service to students who wish to initiate their exchange studies or academic visits in Spain.

Following the successful launch of the program in China, GEC has established long-term and stable partnerships with more than 40 universities and 30 secondary schools. Furthermore, we have established special agreements and acquired a higher authorisation from the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of A Coruña.

Exchange Program
in UCM

There are many universities in Madrid, many of which hold an excellent international reputation as well as a high rank in global university rankings. Studying in Madrid will give you a great quality education, allowing you to establish a thriving local and international career.

Exchange Program
in UDC

If you are planning to apply to the University of A Coruña as an incoming exchange student, you must first contact the International Relations coordinator at your home university to discuss your plans with them. 

Exchange Program
in UMA

If you are planning to apply to the University of Málaga as an incoming exchange student, you must first contact the International Relations coordinator at your home university to discuss your plans with them.

Exchange Program

Its purpose is to provide practical assistance in language courses to foreign students at the University of Salamanca, as well as to spread the Spanish language around the world and to assess the level of language knowledge.