GEC Spain

About GEC Spain

Since its foundation in 2006.
Gestión Educativa Consultores (GEC) has been working to promote globalization projects in the Spanish education system at different levels: primary, secondary and university (undergraduate and postgraduate).

In Spain, GEC is the leading organization in promoting university students exchange programmes with Asian countries. We are mostly dedicated to advising educational entities in such areas as management, corporate development and international education. Our main objective is to promote the spread of the Spanish language and the Spanish culture together with Spanish higher education.

The history of GEC Spain

In 2006
Juan Carlos founded Gestión Educativa Consultores S.L., Headquartered in Madrid, the GEC Spain offices are located in Madrid and La Coruña.
In 2021

We serve 2000 + students from different countries per year.
We run 50 + international programs.
We cooperate with 100 + top universities.
We have 15 + years of experience.
We own 3 offices.

16 years ago, the idea of GEC went beyond the individual selection of students to promote collaboration agreements that foster student mobility, teaching and research exchange, as well as knowledge transfer. Over the years, GEC has participated in agreements approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Erasmus+ scholarships, KA107, creation of centres of Spanish institutions abroad, etc.

around 2000 students

Participate in the programmes coordinated by GEC between Spanish and Asian institutions.

Study Abroad Services

We have the most knowledgeable team about the Spanish education system, from the composition of the teaching staff to the curriculum, we know everything about the universities, faculties and professions. Our team of professionals offers you the most professional and up-to-date advice on studying abroad, as well as a top-quality service.

From the moment a student arrives in Spain, from pick-up to home, from transport to insurance, our services cover student accommodation, insurance, living and studying. With an organised breakdown of fees and a personalised study abroad service, we offer the best service at the most competitive price.

GEC has worked closely with three of Spain’s most prestigious insurance companies (Asisa, Sanitas and Adeslas) for over seven years. Our team of professionals has handled tens of thousands of insurance policies and they are all very familiar with the procedures and are able to deal with any situation that may arise during the treatment process. We have excellent customer service: insurance policies are issued quickly within 2-3 days and medical treatment is provided. We offer a variety of different types of insurance packages for each student, so students can choose the one that best suits their needs.