Details of the Program

Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Program is based at Complutense University. During the first round of admission to Complutense University undergraduate programs, 120 places will be reserved for our students, whose learning ability has already been certified by the Foundation Program.

Before starting their undergraduate studies, students of the Foundation Program need to apply for a Foundation Stage to strengthen their Spanish language and academic skills. Admission to the program is subject to a competitive interview, a written examination and a material review. Once accepted by the Foundation Stage, you are chosen for an undergraduate life and a scholarship!

Complutense International Foundation Diploma

Total hours: 675 hours (575 hours intensive language + 100 hours specialized courses)

Total credits: 90 credits

Foundation Undergraduate Program Advantages

Students approved by the program will be offered admission to undergraduate study at Complutense University in advance.
*Students need to have reached the A2 level of Spanish.
The Foundation Stage starts every 10th of January and finishes the 22nd of July, with direct entrance to the Undergraduate Stage Studies in the same year. A smooth transition of courses is waiting!
Professors from Complutense University are in charge of the classes, allowing students to adapt to the undergraduate teaching environment in advance. In this case, a solid foundation for university studies is built.
All students participating in the program will receive a scholarship for their undergraduate studies. The scholarship will be granted in the form of a reduction in tuition. For students of our program, the tuition fee for undergraduate study is around 1/3 of the original tuition fee.

Guaranteed Admission Professional in the social science areas

  • Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences: Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Faculty of Political and Social Sciences: social and cultural anthropology, political science, occupational therapy, international relations, sociology
  • Faculty of Trade and Tourism: Tourism, Trade

Guaranteed Admission Professional in the humanities areas

  • Faculty of Literature: Spanish, Language and Literature, English Studies, Semitic and Islamic Studies, Classics, Applied Linguistics, Modern Languages and their Literatures, General and Comparative Literature, Translation and Interpretation

  • Faculty of Philosophy: Philosophy

  • Faculty of Geography and History: Archaeology, Geography and Regional Planning, History, History of Art, Musicology

Foundation Courses

The International Foundation Program at Complutense University consists of two mandatory modules. It contains 90 credits and 675 hours of course time in total.

Module I

Spanish Language Courses

This course is based on the syllabus developed by Instituto Cervantes. It aims to develop and improve studentslanguage skills in Spanish in five aspects: listening, reading, speaking, writing and interacting.

Duration: 575 hours of face-to-face courses (25 hours per week)

Module II

Introduction to the University Diploma Program

This module provides students with major-oriented courses in Social Sciences and Humanities. Students are asked to take three major-oriented courses and an introductory course in Ethics and Pedagogy, provided by Complutense University.

Duration: 100 hours of face-to-face courses (25 hours per week)

Some optional second module courses

  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to the Business World
  • Introduction to International Trade
  • Introduction to Tourism
  • Geography and History of Spain and Latin America
  • Introduction to International Relations

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