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  • The 5th largest city in Spain with a population of about 600,000 people
  • One of the most visited beaches in the world
  • 15% of students in university of Málaga come from outside Spain

Universities in Málaga

Privileged in its geographical location, the University of Málaga is a young, growing university marked by high-quality teaching, cutting-edge research and numerous knowledge transfer. Courses at the University of Málaga combine traditional subjects with many specialized degrees and postgraduate courses that allow students to design the studies that best suit their needs and interests. Complementary cultural activities give students an all-round education. Additionally, the University maintains strong ties to the productive and academic sector of the region of Andalusia.

The University of Málaga , together with the University of Seville, make up the Campus of International Excellence, ‘Andalucía Tech’, which works in leading areas of research and knowledge transfer and maintains strategic alliances with more than 150 companies.

International Centre for Spanish

CIE is a benchmark center for Spanish teaching, with more than 70 years of experience in language teaching. Throughout its history, the center stands out for its teaching quality and services to international students from all over the world. Its high-quality professional team will guide your study, let you learn to communicate in Spanish, and improve your level until you have a perfect grasp of Spanish.

If you are a student of the International Center for Spanish, you can also participate in activities organized for members of the University of Málaga. You will have opportunities to immerse yourself in the university world through culture, sports and leisure activities, which will also greatly help improve your Spanish.

In 2020, CIE has modernized and changed to adapt to the current situation by offering new Spanish courses online.

City Life in Málaga

The city wears its long history with pride. The town hall has heavily invested in Málaga ’s cultural portfolio, including almost 30 museums and expertly restored architectural and archeological sites, dating back to the Roman, Moorish and early Christian eras. Málaga  is most proud of its own son, Pablo Picasso, whose birth home you can visit – and there is a modern Picasso museum in the city centre too. These make the province’s capital an excellent destination for learning about Spanish and Andalusian history – and a pleasure to visit and explore.

The most important business sectors in Málaga are tourism, construction and technology services, but other sectors such as transportation and logistics are beginning to expand. The Andalusia Technology Park located in Málaga, has enjoyed significant growth since its inauguration in 1992 by the King of Spain. In 2018, this high-tech, science and industrial park employs over 16,774 workers, according to its own numbers.

People from the Málaga  province and the city are best known for being relaxed, fun-loving and open in nature. When it comes to Málaga , you cannot talk abut the sun without bringing up the beach. And in the meantime, students at the Málaga  University campus in El Palo have the great advantage of being right by one of the city’s nicest beaches.

This city is proud of its long history. The municipal government of Málaga has invested heavily in cultural clusters in the city, established nearly 30 museums, and professionally restored many ancient buildings and archaeological sites. The history of these buildings can be traced back to the Romans, Moors and early Christian eras. Málaga  is most proud of the famous painter Pablo Picasso. Málaga is the hometown of Picasso. For this reason, there is a modern Picasso Museum in the center of Málaga. These make Málaga a great destination for you to learn about the history of Spain and Andalusia, while also bringing you unlimited fun to explore.