Complutense Experience Program

Complutense Experience Program is a transnational exchange program that seeks a balance through the perfect integration of student development, leisure, knowledge, fun, learning and travel. Through trips and entertainment, students will not only acquire knowledge, but also gain the spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

In addition to participating in the activities of the university community, the Complutense Experience Program offers several extracurricular activities that students can choose freely according to their personal interests. Some of the popular activities are culinary tasting, sports, arts, city visits, etc. This program aims to allow international students to improve their Spanish communication skills and gain a deep understanding of the Spanish lifestyle and culture.

Trip to El Escorial

El Escorial, or better known as the monastery that was built by King Philip II of Spain between 1563 and 1584, is of incredible majesty. In addition to its beautiful external appearance, it has many treasures and historical sites inside. It was considered a wonder of the age and the entire complex was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.


Visiting the Museum of Madrid

GEC will take you through the golden triangle of art in Madrid  formed by the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, the Prado Museum and the Thyssen- Bornemisza Museum, which have the same prestige as the Louvre in Paris or the National Gallery in London. The three museums preserve the best works of modern art in Spain, including those of artists such as Picasso, Dali, Goya and Gauguin. In any case, this is the whereabouts that art lovers should not miss.

“Tapeo” tour through Madrid

Tapas is a typical snack in Spain, usually served before the meal and accompanied by a drink. Most of the bars and restaurants in Spain offer tapas as it has a fundamental role in the Spanish gastronomic culture. Asian students might call this type of specialty as the “sushi” of Spain. GEC will take you on a tour of the most famous and fashionable tapas bars in Madrid. They always have their unique exoticism.

Flamenco art tour

Flamenco is considered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Every year, more and more tourists from all over the world come to Andalusia to take a flamenco tour. Seville, Jerez and Cádiz, the three major cities in the southwest of Andalusia, are known as the region of the “Golden Triangle of Flamenco.” While touring the origins of this famous art, GEC will take you to a flamenco show and you will experience the characteristic feeling that can only be found in Andalusia.

Navacerrada in Madrid: The kingdom of ice

Navacerrada is one of the most famous ski resorts in the north of Madrid. Not only is it a paradise for skiers, but also attracts countless tourists every year. After arriving at the destination, the team manager will take you to the slopes and give you the necessary equipment for skiing. Thus, the experience will formally begin and you will be able to experience the passion of the sport. Taking advantage of the fact that the place has a beautiful natural landscape, those who do not want to ski can enter the mountain roads and enjoy the beautiful view of the snowy mountains.

Gaudí art tour in Barcelona

GEC will take you into the artist’s palace, the perfect combination of ancient and modern civilization. Anywhere in Barcelona, you can find works by important global artists such as Picasso, Gaudí, and Miró. The pleasant climate, beautiful scenery and historic sites of the metropolis have created this city known as the “Pearl of the Iberian Peninsula” and a must-visit place for tourists.

Summer Balearic Islands tour

The small island of Spain has always been a favorite place for people who like sun, mu- sic, beaches and parties. You will not only enjoy the famous pink beach on the island of Formentera, but also you will enjoy the relaxed summer life, or if you are a music and dance lover, you can attend top-notch parties with great DJs.

Wine tour

GEC will invite you to visit the major wine region of Spain on a wine tasting and cultural exploration tour to get to know the rural environment of the great vineyards. The wine production of Spain occupies the third place in the world and there are many wines of very good quality. In addition to knowing the vineyards and tasting them, you can also enjoy a variety of sensory pleasures in the innovative tourist complex that surrounds the vineyard.

Trip to Toledo, the ancient capital

Our guide will take you through medieval walls and sinuous labyrinths to see the Arab, Gothic and Renaissance architecture of the city, visit the medieval castle and the impressive synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, which is the oldest synagogue still standing in Europe. It doesn’t matter if you are an art lover or a history buff, this ancient Spanish city will surprise you.


Trips to other European countries Spain is located in southwestern Europe, bordering Portugal, France and Andorra, and faces the sea of Morocco.

The program includes trips to several European countries such as Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Portugal and Italy. Therefore, it does not matter whether you like the stories of great shipwrecks or not, whether you are passionate about the fairy tales atmosphere of ice and snow or not, or whether you rather adore the romantic and artistic corners of the Earth or not,  GEC will take you to visit each place and each one of them.