Master in Leadership and Team Management UAH

The School Master in “Marketing Management. Strategic Offline Marketing and Digital” aims to train professionals prepared to perform with due diligence in global companies from the Management of Marketing. Professionals who are able to proactively accept the new challenges that the growing complexity of the market generates, adapting to changes by decision-making and efficient resolutions of the situations they face.

To be able to train this type of professionals, the Master pivots on three elements that complement each other:

Innovation and creativity
Introducing the latest trends in the program Marketing and analyzing the latest solutions and technologies in each of the most relevant sectors.
Practice orientation
Our learning methodology is based on practice as a key element. Inspired by the LbD philosophy (learning by doing) , the Master is based on three learning methodologies: Dialogued classes, Business Cases (case method) and Simulation Model of Marketing (Business Simulation).
The program includes subjects related to International Marketing and Foreign Trade, given the importance of the internationalization of markets. In addition, in the practice of simulation, the simulators used allow to compete both nationally and internationally in four different countries, which gives a global vision to the students.

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