Master UCM Permanent formation :
Business Talent and Human Resource Management

General objective

The necessary knowledge of talent management in companies can help students achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage over time.

Specific objectives

  1. To train students to carry out professional activities as an HR or as a consultant
  2. To train students to know how to manage people in a VUKA environment (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity)
  3. To know the recruitment methods for talent
  4. To know the importance of human capital as an asset that generates competitive advantages and leads to positive business results
  5. To know how to analyse the necessary skills and abilities for each job position
  6. To understand the emotional factors involved in a job break
  7. To know how to analyse training needs and methods to evaluate the performance
  8. To learn to elaborate a national and international career plan
  9. To know how to design the compensation structure

Teaching modality:Face-to-face teaching


Duration:One year

Teaching language: English

Places available: 50

Price: 9.500 €


Talent, Human Capital and competitive advantage

The management of human resources and business results

Business development strategies and human resources policies

Human problems in business mergers

Lean manufacturing and human resources

Analysis and description of jobs

Job evaluation

Management by competencies

Talent recruitment and employment management

Talent attraction

Recruitment and selection processes

The socialisation of workers

Management of dismissals

Talent development

Design of the training plan

Analysis of training needs

Training methods

Evaluation of training in the company

Performance measurement

Planning careers: career planning and career management

Internal and external labor market

Design of career plans

Succession plans

International races

Expat management

Motivation and reward

Remuneration functions

Remuneration and equity

Remuneration structure design

Incentives and variable remuneration

Indirect compensation

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