Study abroad


Our consultants will assist with the application. We can help you obtain an offer from a Spanish university with our wide range of university application services.


We offer accommodation and guided city tour services that help you merge into local life as soon as possible.

7/24 Emergency

We will keep in contact with you, especially in case of emergencies or crises. We will help ensure that you receive the appropriate assistance you may need.


We provide comprehensive post-arrival and settlement services. After you arrive in Spain, we will ensure a pleasant settlement by providing pieces of advice and representations.

Support for preparation of visa application

Our team provides students with the necessary materials for visa application by express post service, such as admission notices, proof of accommodation, medical insurance policies, etc.

Visa application services

Our team provides group visa appointment services for student groups and guarantees 100% the acquisition of the visa.

Pick-up service

Our team will pick up students at the airport when they arrive in Spain for the first time. We also take care of their luggage and other issues that may occur during this process.

Regular meetings

our team organizes regular meetings with all students to know their learning and living conditions and help them solve problems that may be encountered in life.

Opening bank account

our team provides services in appointment, consultation and accompanying with bank account opening, and helps students solve problems related to bank account during the service period.

Advisory services

our team provides students with timely and convenient consultation services through which not only students but also their parents can easily get in touch with our team members in Spain by telephone, WeChat, email, etc.

Student residence card processing

for students who need to apply for student residence cards, a professional teacher will guide them to prepare the necessary materials and accompany the student to go through the application procedures to ensure that the student gets the residence card in time.

24 hours emergency services

in line with the purpose of offering the best services to each student, in the case of all kinds of emergency, our team provides 24 hours emergence services to reassure parents and students.

University admission documents agency service and university matriculation service

Certified by the Ministry of Education of Spain, our team provides a full range of services for the preparation of university admission documents and completes all the processes of university matriculation for students.

Language center student card and bus card application

Before the students arrive in Spain, our team will apply for a bus/metro card and mobile phone card in advance. Once the students have arrived, the teacher in charge will organise everything to help them get student cards in the university language center.

Spanish Culture and Life

Our team will lead students to know the infrastructure of the city (including public transportation facilities, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.) when they arrive in Spain. We also occasionally organise activities of cultural visits for the students.

Service for
High-school Students

Accommodation service

Two accommodation options are available for high-school students: boarding school or homestay.


The Spanish government insists that minor students must have a legal guardian, who is either a Spanish citizen or a permanent resident in Spain. Our team provides a professional guardianship service to overseas minor students who study in Boarding Schools and Colleges. We select the homestay with caution through a thorough background investigation of homestay families, in order to guarantee the security of students. All eligible homestays will have to sign contracts with the high schools before they accommodate students.

Insurance service partners

GEC has worked closely with the three most well-known medical insurance companies in Spain, i.e. Asisa, Sanitas and Adeslas, for more than 7 years. We have a professional team and have handled tens of thousands of insurance policy applications. Our team is familiar with the appointment procedures of various hospitals and has rich experiences in dealing with unusual situations that may occur.