Details of the Program

We can facilitate you to apply for a wide range of undergraduate degree programs at Spanish universities. Students can study as undergraduate for a pursuit of bachelor degrees, referred to as “Grado” in Spanish. The available academic areas cover fields such as art, humanities, experimental science, health sciences, social sciences, law, engineering, and architecture etc. The duration of undergraduate study is generally four years, and students must obtain at least 240 credits to be awarded a bachelor degree.  We will help you consider which major is best for you from both a personal and academic perspective. We will use our years of experience to help you make the most professional and suitable application decisions.

GEC has established partnership with many top public and private universities in Spain, and has worked over years to provide all the services that individual students or students in group may need when they come to Spain. Over 15 years of experience and the quality of the service team enable us to find the appropriate choice for every student to offer the best experience.

Why study in Spain

High-level education

Spain is well-known for its higher education strength, and the official degrees awarded by Spanish universities are internationally recognized, making Spain one of the most popular study destinations for students in the European exchange program (Erasmus). Currently, there are totally 80 universities in Spain, 20% of which are among the top 500 in the world.

Affordable cost of study and living

The cost of study in Spain is very affordable and cost-effective, especially compared to other European capitals. Even big cities such as Madrid or Barcelona are financially friendly to international students, because there are many budget-friendly opportunities in terms of accommodation and leisure.

Spanish language study

Spanish is the second largest language in the world in term of the number of native speakers. More than 500 million people take Spanish as their mother tongue. This will surely open up different career opportunities in the job market for students who know Spanish as a second language. In this globalized world, the more people you can communicate with, the greater your value as an employee will be.

A safe country to study in

You can enjoy a quiet life in any city of Spain, because it is one of the safest countries in the world. You will be immersed in the typical Mediterranean lifestyle full of sunshine, beaches, open air, carefree, peace and coexistence.

Related programs

University independent recruitment Program: GEC works with the top universities and offers opportunities for international students who have finished high school and want to further their study in Spain through independent recruitment Programs.

PCE courses in Spain

GEC works with the Complutense University of  Madrid and offers PCE training courses for international students.

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GEC will assist students throughout the application process. Our services include major selection, the preparation of all necessary documents required, and the submission and tracking of applications.

Make the right choice: Our application consultant will help students find the most appropriate choice to ensure that your academic path and career direction are met.

Applying for an undergraduate program: Our team will help you get your satisfying admission through continuous communication with you.

Other services you may need: accommodation, insurance, bank account opening, residence permit, airport pick-up, legal consultation etc.

Success Story

The student in the photo, An, had some gaps between his university entrance exam results and his ideal university. At a time when he was at a loss,he was attracted to the Foundation program of the Complutense University of Madrid, a partner university of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. After much deliberation, An finally chose the Foundation undergraduate scholarship program at the Complutense University of Madrid.

An was recently interviewed at the GEC and mentioned that he himself was very interested in learning a new language and Spanish culture.

He is glad that he chose to study in the Foundation undergraduate program at UCM. In just one year of study, it has not only improved his Spanish language skills, but also opened his eyes and allowed him to see things from multiple perspectives.

An also highlighted the help and encouragement he received from his teachers at Complutense University and the GEC staff during his year of study. He was never alone, whether it was a problem with his studies or a small matter like getting a transport card.

Finally, when it comes to his future study in Spain, A’s young eyes are full of anticipation and enthusiasm, and a more and more exciting and fulfilling life abroad is already in sight!

Top Study Destinations

A Coruña