“A laps with literature”: the Complutense passion for letters, in RNE
July 28, 2022

From July 28 to September 8 , every Thursday, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. , the Complutense will be present on the airwaves to share the passion for literature. The professor of Romance Philology José Manuel Lucía Megías will be the host of “Around with literature”, the new section that Manuel Hernández Hurtado, Manolo HH, incorporates into his “Spain Vuelta y Vuelta” , a program he has directed since September 2012 in the mornings of Radio Nacional de España.

Professor Lucía Megías faces the challenge with enthusiasm and ambition. “The idea is to open a door to literature on the radio, but above all to share the passion for literature” . She will try to achieve it by fleeing from the common places. “It is not so much a program of books or history of literature, but a program of readers, of how literature has to be in life and, above all, how we can also offer other visions from the university that are necessary for us to have a better society. If life is more literary, I think it is a better life ”.

Writers and literary experts will, of course, pass through “A return to literature”, but the idea is “that it is not a closed program, but rather that it be open to current affairs . For example, we will take advantage of the fact that the program will be traveling throughout Spain throughout the summer to get closer to the literature of that city”.

The professor considers that it is “great” that the Complutense has a voice in the media , since he considers that it is part of the transfer that must be made to society. “ We have to be in the places where it is heard . The program, therefore, I also want it to have that part of university claim ”, He concludes.