Not taking out the ¨garbage¨contributes to the development of Alzheimer´s
September 22, 2022

Not taking out the “garbage” contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s

The brain, like the waste that we ourselves generate in our homes on a daily basis, produces a large amount of waste substances. If these substances accumulate they can cause serious damage. The one in charge of collecting the “garbage” is the glymphatic system. And, like so many other structures, it also deteriorates as a result of aging, contributing to one of the great challenges of health, which today commemorates its World Day: Alzheimer’s.

It is estimated that a person generates 1kg of waste per day. Imagine for a moment that we could not eliminate these residues. Garbage would accumulate in our homes. Living surrounded by garbage, in addition to being very uncomfortable, would cause serious health problems.

That the nervous system is an extraordinary organ is nothing new. But with great power comes great responsibility. And it is that the nervous tissue, apart from being extraordinary, is extremely delicate. But do not panic, evolution has thought about this before anyone else and that is why it has provided us with a protective barrier that completely surrounds the nervous system: the blood-brain barrier. It is an almost impregnable wall that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, preventing anything harmful from penetrating inside. But that can have a drawback. Nothing goes in, but nothing comes out either. And in the end, the “brain junk” accumulates inside it causing serious damage. ✊