5 reasons for studying International Trade
April 21, 2023

In recent years, with the increasing trend of globalization, 90% of companies are developing international markets and international trade talents are in short supply. As the 14th largest economy worldwide and the 5th largest in Europe, Spain also becomes increasingly active in the global market. The Master Permanent Formation of International Trade was born under this circumstance and has become the choice of more and more international students.

Complutense University’s Master Permanent Formation Program: International Trade

This Master Permanent Formation program is designed to train senior professionals in different areas of international trade and global management processes. Students of this program can work as international market analysts, marketing specialists, international sales specialists, customs brokers, shipping agents, freight forwarders and other popular positions. The program develops students’ creativity and competitiveness, helping them to build a 360º global perspective and make more profitable decisions in their future careers.

Five significant advantages of choosing this program:

  1. Having a high-quality educational environment

Spain is one of the top 10 countries in the world to study in. Its capital, Madrid, is one of the top 10 best cities in the world, being ranked by QS in the top 50 best places to study in worldwide.

  1. Many job opportunities

Madrid is one of the economic centers in Europe, and numerous major companies have established their headquarters or branches in Madrid. There are many job opportunities, and students can join trading companies, consulting firms or international organizations, either working locally in Madrid or accepting expatriate global assignments.

  1. Develop English language skills

English is an indispensable requirement in the international market. A good level of English will help you to communicate better with people from other countries. With this in mind, the program is taught in English. Students don’t need to learn a new language while being capable to adapt in advance to the language environment of their future workplace.

  1. Gain an international perspective

Having an international perspective is essential in understanding other markets. This program has many different students from different countries. During the class, the learning and interacting activities between them allow students to learn more about different cultures and markets. It will become a valuable intangible asset that helps them in their future career development.

  1. Develop more skills

The program goes beyond book learning to help students develop professional skills, such as presentation, independent problem solving, personal planning and management, and teamwork ability. All these will help them stand out from the workforce.

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