UCM Literature Week 2023 is coming soon!
April 26, 2023

Time: 4.24 – 4.28

The UCM Literature Week 2023 was inaugurated this Monday by President Joaquín Goyache and the dean of the Faculty of Philology Isabel Durán

Over the next few days, more than fifty activities will occur in different parts of the Complutense University, with the Faculty of Philology in the limelight. Here’re some highlights from all the impressive activities:

Exhibition on the work of Rafael Cadenas (the last Miguel de Cervantes Prize winner):

  • Time: 24th to 28th April.
  • Place: Building A. 

28th April at 13:00, Rafael Cadenas will hold a meeting with his readers at the Marqués de Valdecilla Historical Library.

The Pen & the Brush:

  • Time: 24th to 27th April.
  • Place: María Zambrano Library.

In addition to the Faculty of Philology, other centers such as Social Work, Documentation Sciences, Optics and Optometry, or the Senior University Program are also promoting various activities, including theatrical performances, courses and exhibitions. 

For more activities, click on the following link: ucm.es/cultura/semana-de-las-letras-ucm-2023

Dean Isabel Durán, for her part, was proud that the Faculty of Philology is considered “the flagship of culture” at UCM. Year after year, this “celebration of languages and literature” is held without interruption. She encouraged all the personnel and students of Complutense to participate in this event.

Let’s enjoy Letters, with a capital L!