Complutense University’s Mock Pharmacy Classroom Completed
June 23, 2022

What is the best way to train pharmacy professionals serving the public, and how can students understand the most correct way to administer medicines? The answer is through a real pharmacy, or at least in a simulated environment. With that idea in mind and modeled on the image of mock classrooms that already exist in other colleges such as dentistry or optics, the School of Pharmacy is following suit, opening a mock pharmacy classroom on June 22. Dean Irene Iglesias Peinado said that the goal of this new facility is to be “a place of reference for any health professional”, and for President Joaquín Goyache it is also a sign that our university, and this college, are doing what society really needs something to train our students so that they can better adapt to society.

The basic idea behind establishing this simulated pharmacy classroom is to use as a teaching element in a six-month supervised practical subject, simulating the relationship between a pharmacist and a patient, to learn and understand the topic of drug administration optimization and the relationship between all steps in the drug life cycle. importance. In addition, it will also serve as a space for teaching courses and seminars for students and professionals and will help teachers to better assess students’ knowledge.

In connection with this, Dean Irene Iglesias assured that it will be used for a general knowledge system and an objective and structured competency assessment (ECOE), which will allow knowledge to be demonstrated in a practical way. For Iglesias, this new classroom is a logical evolution of the college, which has always been characterized by its “innovative character” and an approach that is more inspiring to students through “new areas of science and new teaching methods”. To do this, teachers will create a situation similar to real life. Students will have to solve it with the knowledge they have acquired during the training, thereby becoming more involved in their training while increasing their confidence and understanding, ultimately This will be reflected in better patient care.

At the opening of the classroom, a summary video was shown, in which it was ensured that the installation would also help students to consolidate practical and close-to-reality knowledge before taking part in the work, giving students “contact with the realities of professional practice without leaving the academic environment” and “an environment similar to a real pharmacy”.

Principal Joaquín Goyache highlighted the fact that the device could finally be perfected thanks to the support of several pharmaceutical companies, showing that UCM has always had a strong connection to society.