The Complutense joins the Day for ZERO Discrimination
March 1, 2023

Today, 1 March, INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR ZERO DISCRIMINATION, the UN calls to raise awareness and promote equality and empowerment of all people, this year, especially women and girls.

The Diversity and Inclusion Unit of the Complutense University joins this call to create a UNIVERSITY FREE OF DISCRIMINATION, which recognises diversity as a value and where no one feels excluded.

UCM invites the university community to:

1) make visible possible reasons for diversity discrimination…. Between 6 and 10 March, you will find in your faculty, a large poster with several identity axes, those most frequently used to discriminate… we invite each person who wishes to do so, to put a sticker on each axis (sex, gender, culture, language, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.) by which they have felt discriminated against.

2) publicise the resources that the UCM has for prevention and action: safe point in each centre and Protocol for prevention and action in the face of discrimination due to diversity. At:

– You can ask for your Guide to the prevention and detection of discriminatory behaviour due to diversity en: