The Complutense recognizes the work of its excellent teachers
June 17, 2022

Under the scorching sun, more than 300 Complutense‘s teachers (out of a total of 412 teachers who received the award) were waiting for the moment to receive the award, a teacher representative who received recognition from students for their work in recognition of their work well done.

Vice-Chancellor Miguel Ángel Sastre recalls that after the 2020 ceremony, the country declared a state of alarm, which forced the need to teach online, a way that UCM professors were not used to, so “their efforts paid off. We need our approval.”

According to the vice-principal, “teachers have done their best to make it through this incredibly difficult time for teaching.” It turns out that students in this Docentia survey rated this effort very positively as they were in the middle of the semester The reviews are even better than in previous periods.

Sastre recalls that our university places emphasis on teaching activities through the Docentia UCM program, which is mandatory for all teachers from the 2019-2020 academic year and is of a triennial nature. Currently, all teachers at Complutense undergo annual student assessments, meaning “about 1,500 teachers receive self-report assessments each year”.

According to the vice-chancellor, this means that our university has the most comprehensive assessment system, at least in size, of any Spanish university, as “every academic year, around 150,000 students take part in the survey.”