The University of Oviedo recovers the geographic excursions of 1883 with the celebration of the Aniceto Sela Itinerant Scientific Camp

A four-day hike from east to west through the Picos de Europa is the guiding thread of an activity that will include field exercises, conferences and group dynamics.

In the summer of 1883, the Institución Libre de Enseñanza organized, with an important participation of the then twenty-year-old Aniceto Sela Sampil, two geographical excursions that combined physical exercise and study and instilled in their participants “the love of nature while serving to exercise their strength with long walks on foot”, in the words of Aniceto Sela himself. Today, 139 years later, the University of Oviedo organizes the Itinerant Scientific Camp (CCI) Sela. Geographical excursion through the Picos de Europa, 1883-2022, in the form of field days that replicate the route of these excursions in the summer of 1883. This complementary training activity, dedicated to Aniceto Sela and organized by CeCodet and the Sports Service, will take place between July 4 and 9, in a four-day walk from east to west through the Picos de Europa.

The CCI Sela is aimed at university students, participants in PUMUO and students in the last year of high school, as well as the partner universities of the University of Oviedo. Among the objectives of the activity are the expansion of the participants’ abilities to understand the landscape where they walk and to become familiar with the logic of the team project, as useful tools for their civic and professional performance. To this end, it will count on the collaboration of the professionals of the Prince 3 Infantry Regiment.

During the days, there will be a guided and regulated territorial reconnaissance on foot, aimed at broadening the participants’ territorial culture and their teamwork skills. To achieve this, various exercises, simulations and group projects will be carried out and a field notebook will be drawn up. In addition, there will be lectures by guest lecturers and exercises in orientation, map reading, landscape interpretation and territorial analysis.

The CCI Sela has a total of 25 places and registration will be open until June 20.  Participation in the activity will be accredited to each participant by means of a certificate of attendance issued by the Oviedo University Foundation, as well as a certificate stating the activities carried out and the hours spent at the CCI Sela.

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