The University of Salamanca hosts graduation ceremonies for special student’s groups
June 15, 2022

The Unidiversitas program celebrated this morning the graduation of 14 young people who have completed training for social labor competency specialists in the Unidiversitas program. The degree is responsible for the Institute for Community Integration (INICO) of the University of Salamanca, funded by the ONCE Foundation and the European Social Fund.

During this time, students receive social vocational skills training with the aim of facilitating their acquisition and maintenance in the world of work. Training has been completed, internships in different services and units of companies in Salamanca and Zamora as well as at the University of Salamanca.

What is Unidiversitas?

Unidiversitas is a degree from the University of Salamanca aimed at people with intellectual, developmental and/or autism spectrum disorders. It is managed by the University Institute for Community Integration (INICO). The goal of this degree at the University of Salamanca is to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in the labor of ordinary companies. To this end, the participants received training in social labor skills and carried out work practices, according to Emiliano Díaz, director of Unidiversitas.

Unidiversitas, funded by the ONCE Foundation for Disability Collaboration and Social Inclusion and the European Social Fund through the Youth Employment Business Plan 2014-2020, calls for the development of a university employment training program for young university students with intellectual, developmental and/or autism spectrum disabilities, registered in the National Youth Security System. It has also received funding and support from the University of Salamanca, which has provided scholarships to 2 of its students.