The Emotional Health Support Group at the Faculty of Education was officially established
June 15, 2022

To help those who are suffering from emotional distress, the Faculty of Education has set up an Emotional Health Support Group, coordinated by Professor Valverde himself and researcher in training, Ariadna Martínez. One of its initiatives was the creation of two specific spaces: a help corner and a dialogue chair, which was inaugurated at the end of May last year.

The mission of these two new projects is to help students, teachers, administrators, and service staff with a mental health-related condition. As Professor Valverde puts it: “To make society pay attention to the existence of mental health problems and to work to reduce misconceptions about it, after all, talking about suicide is still a taboo topic in our society.

The first item: help corner

It’s a participatory space where people can exchange information. Everyone will have different mood swings; the difference is that some people will be in a state of happiness, but some people will be in a state of lack of happiness. What we must do is to face the problem and our own heart positively.

The second item: dialogue chair

The second initiative launched by the Emotional Health Support Group is the Dialogue Chair. The idea is to have a separate space in the school building, when people encounter a crisis or feel unwell, they can choose to be accompanied by others or come here alone to talk to people passing by, and people passing by will understand that when someone sits on a bench, it is a signal for help, so they will take the initiative to sit down and talk to him.