Complutense University has become the first Spanish university to have a disc-golf course, an interesting sport presented in more than 50 countries worldwide. 

The “Complutense Disc-golf Course” is also the first permanent course of this kind of sport located inside of the Community of Madrid.

The Disc-Golf course was inaugurated on the 26th of May by:

Disc-Golf arrived in Spain in 2012 and now there are already fifteen clubs in different provinces with about 300 federated players. The one at Complutense is the ninth 18-basket course opened in Spain.

Jorge Berasategui emphasizes that Disc-Golf is a budget-friendly sport and it’s easy to learn. It encourages physical exercise, the love of nature and the respect for the environment and sustainability. No special equipment is required for practicing Disc-Golf, except for the discs (freesbes), which, as he recalled, can be lent from his association on request. Furthermore, those who are interested in this sport can also contact the association, in order to sign up for their organized leagues and competitions.

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