The Campus of Moncloa is hosting a new initiative of the European Food Wave project, regarding healthy and sustainable food. The Madrid City Council promotes the project in collaboration with Complutense University on the Moncloa campus. 

Cooking the Wave, a sustainable and healthy cooking festival, will be held

6 renowned chefs will attend the event and each will prepare two menus. They will also explain the nutritional characteristics of the products and the culinary techniques used to those who attend the workshop. Including Areta Cake, El Fogón Verde, Viena Capellanes, Norte Joven, Cocina Regenerativa and Cookpad. Finally, the participating university community members will taste the free, tasty, sustainable and healthy tapas, prepared in the 12 different workshops.

In addition to the cooking workshops, other events will also be presented on the square:

In addition, there will be games, photocalls, interviews, lottery…

Book your place for the workshops at this link.

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