The Complutense Institute of Musical Sciences revives the opera “Gonzalo di Cordova”
June 7, 2023

After a year of research and a digital edition of the work, the audience of the Gran Teatro de Córdoba has been able to enjoy, on 3 June 2023, the concert version of the opera Gonzalo di Cordova, “an intense and inspired score, close to Verdi’s early operas“. The revival and digital edition of the score have been carried out within the framework of the research project DEePMusic:

  • Digitisation of the Musical Heritage Ecosystem, led by the ICCMU (Complutense Institute of Musical Sciences). 

The Spanish composer Antonio Reparaz‘s music has been performed once more, this time by the Orchestra of Cordoba, 166 years after its composition and after its top-rated premiere in 1857. ICCMU explains that in May 2022, the orchestra presented them with the challenge of “reviving and staging a unique work to celebrate its 30th anniversary, as well as the 150th anniversary of the Gran Teatro”. 

For one whole year, the ICCMU research team has been working on the revival of this work, whose value has been recognised by the research of musicologists Emilio Casares and Ana María Liberal. According to the Institute, “the revival has involved making a new copy from the original sources, as well as making the version for vocal performance and piano and the digital orchestral materials”.