「The UCM Foundation presents the crowdfunding platform pulsa

#ucm #complutense On October 10, in the Mindway space (María de Molina 27), the Pulsa crowdfunding platform was presented, which has just been launched by the General Foundation of the UCM. The director of the Foundation, Andrés Arias, explains that the initiative arose from the need to seek alternative means of financing for projects that […]

La Complutense, worldwide pioneer in studies in studies on the metaverse

This September 15, the closing ceremony of the first edition of the diploma in Design and Development in Virtual and Augmented Reality of the Faculty of Information Sciences was held with the presentation of projects from the Metaverse Full Mastery program. Mercedes Rodríguez Paredes, director of the Center for Permanent Training of the UCM, and […]

X GECA International Congress: Queer Cinema in the World

This congress examines how queer cinema has changed in the world over time, how it continues to evolve in the present and what role it could play in the future when it comes to building imaginaries, proposing plural images and challenging stereotypes, narratives and aesthetics. that broadcast other types of cinematography. In this sense, we […]