Fotografiarte 2023

The Fotografiarte exhibition is now open to public. The organizer brings together the winning works and a selection of finalists of the third Certamen Complutense de Fotografía Naturalista.  First prize: UCM on film Author: José Luis Martín Second prize: Unanswered questions Author: Mario MAtías Pereda Third prize: Mirar hacia arriba  Author: Lucía Martín de Ruedas […]

Cooking the Wave 2023!

The Campus of Moncloa is hosting a new initiative of the European Food Wave project, regarding healthy and sustainable food. The Madrid City Council promotes the project in collaboration with Complutense University on the Moncloa campus.  Cooking the Wave, a sustainable and healthy cooking festival, will be held 6 renowned chefs will attend the event […]

A Free Art Exhibition at Complutense University!

After three years of reviewing and actualizing the University’s inventory, Complutense University is proven to be an institution with great artistic value. It’s one of the public institutions with the most numerous and the most important cultural and historical heritages. Complutense University possesses more than six thousand unique works of art, covering almost all periods […]

Top Reasons why you’ll love studying Digital Marketing at UCM

In the fast-changing marketing environment, only a continuous innovation of strategies can achieve sustainable development of companies. Thus, more and more students choose to study global and digital marketing in order to keep up with the professional market demands. [Master UCM Permanent Formation: Marketing Management. Global and digital strateg] Course Highlights: Complutense University constantly updates […]

UCM Literature Week 2023 is coming soon!

Time: 4.24 – 4.28 The UCM Literature Week 2023 was inaugurated this Monday by President Joaquín Goyache and the dean of the Faculty of Philology Isabel Durán.  Over the next few days, more than fifty activities will occur in different parts of the Complutense University, with the Faculty of Philology in the limelight. Here’re some […]

5 reasons for studying International Trade

In recent years, with the increasing trend of globalization, 90% of companies are developing international markets and international trade talents are in short supply. As the 14th largest economy worldwide and the 5th largest in Europe, Spain also becomes increasingly active in the global market. The Master Permanent Formation of International Trade was born under […]

Coming soon: UCMpleo23 Employment Forum!

Ciudad Universitaria: 18th, 19th and 20th of April 2023, in the square located in front of the Student Building. Somosaguas: 20th of April 2023, in the Aulario of the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. This event creates a meeting opportunity between students and graduates of all UCM degrees and organisations interested in selecting Talento […]

Three subjects of the UCM Madrid ranked in the top 50, according to QSrankings

#UCM #complutense The Complutense University of Madrid has achieved the best results since it participated in the QS World University Rankings by Subject in 2023. The three degrees, respectively Dentistry (16th place), Veterinary Medicine (35th place) and Modern Languages (41st place), consolidate their positions among the top 50 subjects in the world in their respective […]

Career Guidance Days: the L’Oréal Group

As part of the series of Career Guidance Workshops, we would like to inform you of the next session on Wednesday 22 March dedicated to employment and professional development in the Private Sector. For this session, the Complutense University of Madrid will count on the participation of those responsible for talent recruitment from the L’Oréal […]