The Complutense University is considered the best Spanish university, according to the Ranking “Las 50 carreras” of the newspaper El Mundo. The ranking lists the 50 most sought-after degrees and the five most recommended universities to study them.

1️⃣ The ranking considers that the Complutense is the best university in Spain to study 7 majors: English Studies, Pharmacy, History, History of Art, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Dentistry.

2️⃣ Complutense is also found in second place for the following majors: Fine Arts, Hispanic Philology, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Optics and Optometry, Journalism, Psychology and Veterinary Science.

3️⃣ Then in third place, the university is qualified in Food Science and Technology, Audiovisual Communication, Law, Physics, Medicine and International Relations.

4️⃣ In fourth place, we could find Biology, Political Science and Administration, Nursing, along with Nutrition and Dietetics.

5️⃣ In fifth place, Complutense also provides two reputed majors, which are respectively ADE-Law and Social Work.

The ranking considers Complutense University as the Spanish university with the highest number of bachelor’s degrees in demand (27 of all). It also confirms that it’s one of the best universities to study them.

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