The UCM University Theatre Competition Awards Gala
June 12, 2023

On the 5th of June, in the auditorium of the Faculties of Philology and Philosophy, the awards gala of the 25th edition of the UCM University Theatre Competition was held. 

Directed by the company Triaca, the gala has crowned La Escena Roja, a play with amusing but feigned indifference, with six following awards:

  • Best Leading Actress: Laura Delgado.
  • Best Leading Actor: Miguel Ribagorda.
  • Best Play: Yes, we can’t. La sociedad del burnout
  • Best Original Text: Dorina Diakoumopoulu, Mercedes Ladrón de Guevara, Miguel Ribagorda, Laura Ruiz and Laura Delgado.
  • Best Sound Space: Dorina Diakoumopoulu, Mercedes Ladrón de Guevara, Miguel Ribagorda and Renaud González.
  • Best Lighting: Elsa Mateu and Diego García.

Con la mirada de Lorca, by the group Complutum, won the second prize. It has been awarded Best Playwriting for Dana Montesino and Greta Cristóbal, and Best Original Music for José Carlos Cristóbal.

The third prize in the competition went to El tiempo que estemos juntos, presented by Europa Teatro. The play also won Best Direction for Jaime Cano, and Best Actor in Supporting Role for Alfonso Iniesta.

In addition to these three award winners, a special mention went to the play En la luna, directed by Cómicos de Adamuc. 

Many thanks to everyone for their dedication!