Una Europa has today obtained the support of the European Commission to continue with Una.Universitas , its strategic and operational project for the next four years, which will be financed by the “European Universities” initiative of the Erasmus+ Program. The €14.4 million grant awarded to Una Europa will enable the alliance to further its steps towards developing a truly integrated European campus at the world’s forefront in teaching and research.

Building on the achievements already achieved with other emblematic projects of the alliance ( 1Europe and Una.Resin), Una Europa will apply a holistic approach within the framework of Una.Universitas to ensure the true integration of the dimensions of education, research and innovation and knowledge transfer. In addition, it will take advantage of the strengths of its three most recent partners -Universiteit Leiden, University College Dublin and Universität Zürich, which join the 8 member institutions of the Alliance since its inception, in 2019- to maximize the impact of the project. The fact of having two universities that do not belong to the EU – those of Edinburgh and Zurich – reinforces the commitment of this alliance to boost the global competitiveness of the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area.

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