Healthy and sustainable. “It is the magical binomial of food today”, comments Montaña Cámara, professor of the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the UCM, and director these days of the conference “The challenge of sustainability in the food chain. The practical case of wine”, at the UCM Summer Courses in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The Complutense professor explains that it is not only about eating what is good for our health, but also that these foods reach our tables in a sustainable way, both in terms of their production, processing, and distribution, and even, as requires the European Union’s “Farm to Fork” strategy, of the waste. By the way, in this last phase, Professor Cámara warns of the relaxation that is being observed in compliance with food safety measures. “You don’t have to wait for a serious problem to say so,” she warns.

The professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy contextualizes her presentation -titled “Healthy and sustainable nutrition in the 21st century” – to the Western world, more economically advanced, but with dietary habits that have made the main causes of death those related to non-communicable diseases. communicable diseases, such as heart problems, instead of communicable ones -usually respiratory diseases- as happens in countries with lower incomes. Specifically, her conference focuses on Europe, where, within the “European Green Pact” for the period 2020-2030, the food strategy called “From farm to table” is being developed. Precisely, the brevity of the strategy development period provoked his first criticism: “In 10 years, great results cannot be achieved”. Also, the second: “It only indicates wishes of how it wants the diet to be in a few years, but it does not develop how to do it”.

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