Complutense University opens the first Disc-Golf course in Madrid!

Complutense University has become the first Spanish university to have a disc-golf course, an interesting sport presented in more than 50 countries worldwide.  The “Complutense Disc-golf Course” is also the first permanent course of this kind of sport located inside of the Community of Madrid. The Disc-Golf course was inaugurated on the 26th of May […]

The University City joins the environmental corridor Arco Verde

The rectors of the 3 universities that are part of the Urban Consortium of the University City of Madrid (UCM, UPM, UNED) and the Regional Minister of Environment, Housing and Agriculture of the Community of Madrid signed a collaboration protocol to develop actions to protect flora and fauna of the campus within the environmental corridor […]

XXV University Theater Contest

A total of 15 plays, performed by 12 different companies, are taking place this year during the XXV University Theater Contest of the UCM. The event is held in the Faculties of Philology and Philosophy auditorium until the 31st of May.  On this occasion, in addition to the plays participating in the contest, there are […]

Best places for study abroad experience, 2023 ver. —— Spain

The world’s leading education website,, has published the 2023 version of TOP 10 best places for study abroad experience. Unlike the QS rankings, the list focuses more on students’ understanding. Through a survey of tens of thousands of students from different countries, the following 7 ranking indicators were summarized: Spain is ranked 9th in […]

Top Reasons why you’ll love studying Digital Marketing at UCM

In the fast-changing marketing environment, only a continuous innovation of strategies can achieve sustainable development of companies. Thus, more and more students choose to study global and digital marketing in order to keep up with the professional market demands. [Master UCM Permanent Formation: Marketing Management. Global and digital strateg] Course Highlights: Complutense University constantly updates […]

Top Reasons You Should Study Marketing in 2023

When you think of marketing, what comes to your mind in the first place? TV commercials? Promotions? Brand endorsements? All of them are correct, but that’s not the whole story. As one of the most important tools to help any business achieve its sales goals, marketing means so much more. Why should you study for […]

8 Best Universities in Spain for international students

As the Spanish capital, Madrid is the largest university city in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. In Madrid, a great number of higher education institutions provide high-quality programs with worldwide recognization. Madrid is also one of the major financial centers in Europe, attracting numerous overseas investors every year. Its economic development is […]

5 reasons for studying International Trade

In recent years, with the increasing trend of globalization, 90% of companies are developing international markets and international trade talents are in short supply. As the 14th largest economy worldwide and the 5th largest in Europe, Spain also becomes increasingly active in the global market. The Master Permanent Formation of International Trade was born under […]

On the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Spain, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez visited China to further advance the economic development of both countries

The year 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Spain. At the end of March, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez made his first visit to China, conveying the good intentions of both sides to deepen the “Belt and Road Initiative” cooperation and achieve mutual benefits and a win-win […]

Coming soon: UCMpleo23 Employment Forum!

Ciudad Universitaria: 18th, 19th and 20th of April 2023, in the square located in front of the Student Building. Somosaguas: 20th of April 2023, in the Aulario of the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. This event creates a meeting opportunity between students and graduates of all UCM degrees and organisations interested in selecting Talento […]