The UCM Summer School now has the programme

The 36th Summer School already has its programme.  The opening ceremony will be held on the 3rd of July at the Escorial María Cristina University Centre, with a lecture presented by María Emilia Casas, the jurist and first president of the Constitutional Court. The closing conference will be hosted by Carmelo Vázquez, professor of the […]

Fotografiarte 2023

The Fotografiarte exhibition is now open to public. The organizer brings together the winning works and a selection of finalists of the third Certamen Complutense de Fotografía Naturalista.  First prize: UCM on film Author: José Luis Martín Second prize: Unanswered questions Author: Mario MAtías Pereda Third prize: Mirar hacia arriba  Author: Lucía Martín de Ruedas […]

La Complutense, best Spanish university according to the ranking of El Mundo

The Complutense University is considered the best Spanish university, according to the Ranking “Las 50 carreras” of the newspaper El Mundo. The ranking lists the 50 most sought-after degrees and the five most recommended universities to study them. 1️⃣ The ranking considers that the Complutense is the best university in Spain to study 7 majors: […]

The UCM University Theatre Competition Awards Gala

On the 5th of June, in the auditorium of the Faculties of Philology and Philosophy, the awards gala of the 25th edition of the UCM University Theatre Competition was held.  Directed by the company Triaca, the gala has crowned La Escena Roja, a play with amusing but feigned indifference, with six following awards: Con la […]

Cooking the Wave 2023!

The Campus of Moncloa is hosting a new initiative of the European Food Wave project, regarding healthy and sustainable food. The Madrid City Council promotes the project in collaboration with Complutense University on the Moncloa campus.  Cooking the Wave, a sustainable and healthy cooking festival, will be held 6 renowned chefs will attend the event […]

Complutense University opens the first Disc-Golf course in Madrid!

Complutense University has become the first Spanish university to have a disc-golf course, an interesting sport presented in more than 50 countries worldwide.  The “Complutense Disc-golf Course” is also the first permanent course of this kind of sport located inside of the Community of Madrid. The Disc-Golf course was inaugurated on the 26th of May […]

A Free Art Exhibition at Complutense University!

After three years of reviewing and actualizing the University’s inventory, Complutense University is proven to be an institution with great artistic value. It’s one of the public institutions with the most numerous and the most important cultural and historical heritages. Complutense University possesses more than six thousand unique works of art, covering almost all periods […]

The University City joins the environmental corridor Arco Verde

The rectors of the 3 universities that are part of the Urban Consortium of the University City of Madrid (UCM, UPM, UNED) and the Regional Minister of Environment, Housing and Agriculture of the Community of Madrid signed a collaboration protocol to develop actions to protect flora and fauna of the campus within the environmental corridor […]