La Complutense, worldwide pioneer in studies in studies on the metaverse

This September 15, the closing ceremony of the first edition of the diploma in Design and Development in Virtual and Augmented Reality of the Faculty of Information Sciences was held with the presentation of projects from the Metaverse Full Mastery program. Mercedes Rodríguez Paredes, director of the Center for Permanent Training of the UCM, and […]

7 things made Spain Autumn Attactive 

Why not organise a trip to Spain? It’s a time for savouring seasonal specialities, such as mushrooms and chestnuts, having fun in the fiestas around the grape harvest, or buying something unique before Christmas comes round. What’s more, you will find going out to hear the sound of footprints on a carpet of dry leaves, […]

X GECA International Congress: Queer Cinema in the World

This congress examines how queer cinema has changed in the world over time, how it continues to evolve in the present and what role it could play in the future when it comes to building imaginaries, proposing plural images and challenging stereotypes, narratives and aesthetics. that broadcast other types of cinematography. In this sense, we […]

Not taking out the ¨garbage¨contributes to the development of Alzheimer´s

Not taking out the “garbage” contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s The brain, like the waste that we ourselves generate in our homes on a daily basis, produces a large amount of waste substances. If these substances accumulate they can cause serious damage. The one in charge of collecting the “garbage” is the glymphatic system. […]


ADDRESSED TO: A) Students of the Complutense University of Madrid or UCM affiliated Centers for the 2022-2023 academic year. B) Former students of the Complutense University of Madrid or UCM Affiliated Centers and/or Complutense Languages-Higher Center for Modern Languages. C) Students from other public universities in the European Higher Education Area. HOW TO APPLY: 1- […]

A total of 53,000 people from Madrid acquire free Suburban and Media Distance subscriptions

A total of 53,000 people from Madrid have purchased the free Cercanías and Media Distancia subscriptions, which Renfe recommends obtaining before September 5, Europa Press Renfe has informed. In national figures, 237,000 citizens already have the subscription while registered users to obtain it have risen to 450,000. Passes, to travel between September 1 and December […]

The EMT buses will be free on September 1,7 and 8

The EMT buses will be free on September 1, 7 and 8 The Madrid City Council will again apply the free buses of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) at the return of summer, this time during the 24 hours of September 1 and on September 7 and 8, these days in the that school activity […]

How embryonic genes are related to cancer and fibrosis

The last of the extraordinary conferences of the 2022 edition of the UCM Summer Courses , has allowed Ángela Nieto Toledano , a researcher at the CSIC Institute of Neurosciences , to hear about the studies that have been carried out since 1994 that relate fundamental programs in embryonic development with different diseases associated with aging such as cancer and fibrosis . Ángela Nieto assures that in Biology […]